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New Photo Account

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 6, 2013, 4:29 PM
Hi guys, In an effort to separate my photography from the rest of my work, Ive created a new account.  From now on, any new photographs that I post to DA can be found at :iconcpt-photos:.  My drawings will still be posted to this account.




LiveJournal [link]
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Drawing Day

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 4, 2010, 7:18 PM
This journal entry is mainly an excuse to try out the free journal skins dA is offering.  In other news, I'm trying to decide what to draw for Drawing Day.  Any suggestions?
Drawing Day [link]




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I just thought I'd let you all know you can follow me on Twitter.

In other news, I'll be posting some more drawings (once I find the motivation to finish them).




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Send me some llamas please.

To those of you who like gaming and/or anime and will be in the Buffalo area this weekend, be sure to check out UBCON. [link]
Say "hi" if you happen to see a tall lanky guy wearing brown and blue steampunk goggles or cosplaying as Boogiepop.


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My inbox has been filling up with art faster than I can look through it all.  So, unfortunately, I had to remove some people from my watch list.


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In return for a similar offer made by :iconxenokurisu:, I will draw a simple sketch for the first ten people to reply to this post and request that I do so.

1. DarkStorm1974
2. AudricStien
3. johnnyanimal79

C'mon guys!  Isn't anyone else going to take me up on this offer?  People had better start asking me for sketches or I'll start pestering people individually until I get some responses.
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Since I replied to a journal entry belonging to :iconfoxkelfonne: similar to this, I guess I'm obligated to post this.  I will post three of my favorite works from each of the galleries of the first fifteen people replying to this entry with a request that I do so.  All I ask in return is that you post a similar entry in your journal.

1. Against All Odds
2. Still Shopping
3. Tactical Cookiestealing Action
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It's been a while, but now that I have more free time on my hands, I'm going to go back to drawing.  My first order of business will be to completely redraw Fyuu-tan - the moé character I was working on to represent Canisius' Fusion gaming club.  My first attempt came out crappy so I'm going to start over from scratch.  Whether or not I'm wasting my time with this depends on what the club's publicity director (or as they call her, Minister of Propaganda) thinks.  At the very least, it'll be a good warm-up excercise.

Secondly, I'm thinking of doing some Alice in Wonderland based stuff.  I don't know why.  I just feel like drawing some Alice in Wonderland.

As to the question of what happened to Puzzle Bunch, that project has been postponed indefinitely.  I just don't feel as enthusiastic about it as when I first set out to do it.

Finally, I've been working on an entry for Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga contest.  It is currently still in the brainstorming phase.  Only time will tell how that turns out.

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Your real name: You can call me Jon
Age: 24
Height: 6'4"
Natural hair colour: Darkish blonde
Eye colour: Green
Skin color: I'm a pasty white boy
Glasses/contacts?: Glasses
Piercings: Nope
Tattoos: Nada
Braces: Nay
Mannerisms: Usually quiet and reserved with the occasional outburst of random crazyness
Other distinctive markings: Um...not really

Colour: Black, orange, and green
Band: Um, it's tough choosing just one favorite band, see my profile for a list of favorite bands.
Video game: Once again, I'm a fan of so many different video games.  It's hard to choose one favorite.
Movie: I'm gonna go with Howl's Moving Castle
Book: A Catcher in the Rye
Food: I like am especially fond of General Tso Chicken and Philly Cheesesteak.
Game on a cell phone: Silly, I don't have a cell phone.
CD: For right now, it's FLCL OST 3
Flower: Lilac (They have a nice smell.)
Scent: See above.
Animal: Cat
Comic book: If we're counting manga, I'd have to go with Genshiken.
Cereal: Cocoa Puffs
Website: You're looking at it.
Cartoon: FLCL

Play an instrument?: I played a recorder in grade school.
Watch TV more than 60 hours a week?: I wish I had time to watch even one tenth of that.
Like to sing?: Yeah
Have a job?: Not a good one, but yes
Have a cell phone?: Weren't you paying attention to the previous cell phone question?
Like to play sports?: Sort of
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Nope
Have a crush on someone?: Currently, no
Live somewhere NOT in the United States?: No
Have more than one TV in your house?: Yep
Have any special talents/skills?: I can draw! (sort of)
Exercise daily?: Not really
Like school?: I can't wait for it to be over.

Sing the alphabet backwards?: Maybe.
Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes?: Um...
Speak any other languages?: Some Polish and a little bit of Spanish  (I'd like to say Japanese, but that would be a lie.)
Go a day without food?: Yeah, but you wouldn't like me when I'm hungry.
Remember your dreams: Occasionally.
Read music, not just tabs?: Not that well.
Roll your tongue?: Yeah
Eat a whole pizza?: Be amazed at my stomach's incredible elastic properties!

Won something in the lottery?: No
Snuck out of the house?: Not really
Lied to get out of trouble?: A few times
Had a computer crash?: Yes, very yes
Gotten lost in your city?: Nope
Seen a shooting star?: Yes, I have
Been to any other countries?: Canada, Poland, and a quick stop in Germany
Had a serious surgery?: Not really
Stolen something important to someone else?: Nope
Solved a rubiks cube?: Without peeling off the stickers? No.
Gone out in public in your pajamas?: When I was four
Cried over a girl?: Numerous times
Cried over a boy?: No
Kissed a random stranger?: No
Hugged a random stranger?: Sadly, I could never make it to Hullabaloo.
Been in a fist fight?: Nope
Been arrested?: No
Done drugs?: No
Had alcohol?: Yes
Laughed and had milk come out of your nose?: No
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator?: Hmm, no, I haven't, but I think I should try it sometime.
Sneaked into the opposite sex's bathroom?: Nope
Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc?: Yeah
Swore at your parents?: No
Kicked a guy where it hurts?: Yeah, but he had it coming.
Been to a casino?: Not the gaming area, but I've eaten at the buffet.
Ran over an animal and killed it?: No
Broken a bone?: Nope
Gotten stitches?: Yes
Had a water balloon fight in winter?: No
Made homemade muffins?: Mmm, muffins
Bitten someone?: No
Been to disneyland/disneyworld?: Yes
Burped in someone's face?: Nope

Brushed your teeth: This morning
Cried: A few months ago.
Went to the bathroom: This morning?
Saw a movie in a theatre: Last week
Read a book: Excluding research for a paper, it's been about two years since I read a book.
Had a snow day: I think it was October.  OCTOBER!  We had a friggin' snowstorm in October.  Then, it was 60 degrees in January.  Then, it snowed again IN APRIL!  What the hell is wrong with the weather?!
Had a party: More than a month ago
Went to a doctor: January
Tripped in front of someone: Can't remember
Went to the grocery store: Sunday
Got sick: February?
Got cursed: ?

Fruit/vegetables: Fruit
Black/white: Black
Lights on/lights off: On
TV/movie: Movie
Body spray/lotion: Spray
Cash/cheque: Cash
Pillows/blankets: Blankets
Headache/stomach ache: Neither!
Paint/charcoal: Paint
Chinese food/Mexican food: Chinese
Summer/winter: Summer
Snow/rain: Rain
Fog/misty: Fog
Rock/rap: Rock
Meat/vegetarian: Meat!
Chocolate/vanilla: Chocolate
Sprinkles/icing: Icing
Cake/pie: Cake
Strawberries/blueberries: Strawberries
Ocean/swimming pool: Pool
Cookies/muffins: Cookies
Wallet/pocket: Wallet
Window/door: Glass door?
Charles Chaplin/Chespirito: Chaplin
Pink/purple: Um, purple I guess.
Cat/dog: Cat
Long sleeve/short sleeve: Short sleeves
Pants/shorts: Pants
Winter break/spring break: Spring Break
Spring/autumn: Spring
Clouds/clear sky: Clear sky
Moon/mars: Moon
Questions/Answers: I want answers!
War/Peace: Peace

Am: A ninja!
Want: Food
Need: A break
Hate: Ignorant people
Feel: Tired
Did: Your mom! :-)
Miss: Certain peeps who went to Tokyo
Am annoyed by: See hate above
Would rather: Sleep
Am tired of: School
Will always: Stand for truth, justice, freedom, and all that jazz

What is your favourite genre of music?: Happy Hardcore!
What time is it now?: 3:28 PM
How much money do you have right now?: I have $1 in my pocket
Are you hungry right now?: Now that you mention it, yes, I am.
What are you doing right now?: Working, sort of (It's a slow day.)
Do you like parades?: Yes
Do you like the moon?: Yeah
What are you going to do when you're done with this?: Read some stuff for class.
If you could have any magical power what would it be?: Invisibility

Funny?: Sometimes
Cool?: That depends on your definition of cool.
Pretty?: Not really
Sarcastic?: Usually no
Lazy?: I'm answering this, right?
Hyper?: Most of the time no
Friendly?: Yeah
Evil?: Mwahahahaha!
Unforgettable?: I dunno.
Smart?: Book smart.  I've done quite a few stupid things.
Strong?: Not really
Talented?: I suppose
Dorky?: Yeah

High: Low
Lonely: Sadness
Pen: Ink
Flower: Sakura
Window: Door
Psycho: Nuts
Brain freeze: Ice cream
Strange: Emily
Sassy: Rude
Suffering: Poverty
Art: Color

Sky dive?: No
Run away?: Maybe
Curse at a teacher?: No
Not take a shower for a week?: Eww.
Ask someone out?: :sigh:
Unscrew your cellphone to see what's inside?: How many times must I repeat myself?  I do not have a cell phone!
Lie to someone to make them think better of you?: Nope
Visit a foreign country for more than a month?: Yes
Go scuba diving?: Maybe
Write a book?: I don't know
Assemble a computer?: Yes
Become a rock star?: Probably not
Have a long-distance relationship?: No
Marry someone you don't know?: No way!
What kind of computer do you have?: 1.8 GHz Pentium 4
What grade/level of studies are you in? (if applicable): Undergrad a mere month away from getting a diploma
Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies?: Huh?
How many posters do you have in your room?: Posters?
Who else should take this quiz?: Hmm, maybe :iconatashiwaabunaida:, :iconaudricstien:, and :iconradedneko: since they're the only people that I know on DA who haven't answered this.
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In my previous entry I said that I would have my first Puzzle Bunch wallpaper up before February.  So now it's February and still no wallpaper.  I'm sorry for letting you guys down but I've just been so busy with college.  So far, this has proven to be my busiest semester ever.  Whatever time I have to work on anything has been devoted to schoolwork.  Hopefully, I can set aside some time on the weekends to do art related things.
P.S., no Shanon, I haven't forgotten about your chibi.
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Well, I didn't get around to submitting all that much over the past semester.  I've just been too busy.  I regret not having anything to submit for Christmas and New Year.  (However, I promise to get cracking on a submission for Chinese New Year.)

I've decided to go with the name Puzzle Bunch for my upcoming series of chibi-esque wallpapers.  The first one is due to come out sometime before the end of January.

I finished inking the line art for the Fusion moé.  However, I currently lack access to a scanner so it'll be a while before I can begin coloring it.

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I thought I'd share with you some of my plans for the future.  Hopefully, all of these will eventually come to fruition:
1. Fyuu-tan - I've almost completed the anthropomorphic moe for the most awesome club at Canisius - the FUSION Gaming Society.  I may eventually create moe for other clubs.
2. Monthly calendar wallpaper - I hope to create monthly desktop backgrounds featuring some chibi characters that I am in the process of creating.
3. A Midsummer Night's Dream - I would really like to do a manga adaptation of my favorite Shakespeare comedy - A Midsummer Night's Dream.
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If anything good came out of this freak snowstorm that hit town, it's that I've actually had time to work on my art.  So, expect to see some new pictures here in the not-so-distant future.
Oh yeah, you are probably wondering why I'm posting my mood as sad.  Well, I just recieved some disappointing news.
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